Thursday, 12 July 2012


                                        Sofa cum Bed (4 in 1 )

SOFA CUM BED (4 in One) is a perfect solution to all your space problems COIRFIT Sofa bed is your sofa in the living room during the day and a bed at night. This complete bedding solution. These sofa cum bed are made from very high and fine quality raw material due to which these sofa set are widely demanded by all. These sofa cum bed are available in various designer patterns and colours. 

3 Seater Size: 60”x72”x16”

 2 Seater Size: 48”x31”x16”

 Spacious living is an extravagance afforded by few. With spaces becoming more and more compact, it make sense to have furniture which fulfills multiple purposes. Keeping this thought in mind, the sofa cum bed was created. A chic and stylish sofa set which not only performs the functions of comfortable seating but adding.

 So why to wait for searching another products, it is easy to use and cost effective, the cloth is washable too. Pick up your Phone and call us right now.

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